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Home hot yoga studios have begun to spring up everywhere during the last several years, but especially now during this pandemic climate. Whether you are taking yoga classes remotely with your favorite yogi or practicing yoga in the safe ambience of your own home, it is easy to set up a hot yoga studio.


ENERJOY infrared panels are safe to use and install easily… just like a light fixture. Control heat with our ENERJOY controls. SSHC’s thermostats are available for various degrees of heat for digital, programmable or wifi usage.


SSHC will help you customize your yoga room for Vinyassa, Bikram or a slightly modified level of heat. Begin by taking room dimensions, voltage, and window dimensions. Let us know the temperature in which you want to practice.


For assistance, refer to the “Yoga Data Sheet” in our Brochure “Why Hot Yoga Studios Worldwide are Heated with ENERJOY® Radiant Heat.”

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“SSHC’s heating panels are of the utmost quality, efficiency, and aesthetic beauty.  …I still have some lighting fixture boxes inside as well as a massage chair that will be removed to complete the studio’s zen atmosphere. I cannot thank you enough for selling a durable and reliable product.  You provided sound, superior service.  Additionally, your knowledge, dependability, and judgement of ENERJOY Radiant Panels and its installation has gone above and beyond appreciated.”   DAW, Wallkill, NY 


"Hello my name is Sam Green. I am the owner of a remodeling company in Sarasota Florida. In addition I am a certified Hot yoga instructor at a local studio. I was introduced to Peter of SSHC by the owner of Body Heat Sarasota when she was updating the heating system at the studio. After working with Peter on that system I decided to install a system in my home. I had no idea how valuable my studio would be until the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the country. If you are a hot yogi, need I say more? It was a godsend. I would definitely recommend SSHC if you are considering a home studio. SG”



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