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The ENERJOY Infrared Advantage

o ENERJOY environmental design is unique to meet the specifications of each hot room.  We work with you, your electrician or your mechanical engineer to provide a studio design with uniform radiant heating requirements for your desired temperatures.


o Our ENERJOY radiant panels are tailored to fit your studio, not the other way around.  ENERJOY is unique in that we are able to custom-size panels and wattage tailored to our customer’s needs. 


o Our knowledge base of infrared radiant heat is first worldwide. Richard Watson, President of SSHC, Inc. authored the 900 page "Handbook of Radiant Heating and Cooling," for McGraw-Hill Publishers.


o ENERJOY panels have life-of-building longevity.  Customers with ENERJOY radiant panels in their homes since the 1980’s still enjoy the comfortable heat they provide.


o No noise, dust, odor, no emissions nor germs, no air movement.  No allergens, no pollen. 


o No humidification needed.  Unlike convective systems, radiant heat does not dry out the air.  Depending on the studio, dehumidification or air exchange may be helpful.


o ENERJOY Panels require no maintenance.


o ENERJOY Panels can be dropped in a recessed ceiling (t-bar grid), flush mounted to the ceiling or dropped with light chains or cables from the ceiling.  Relocating your studio?  Ask about moving the ENERJOY Panels with you.

 Click to see our ENERJOY Brochure

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