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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use electric heat in my studio?

From Berkeley, CA to Brookline, MA municipalities are beginning to wean new construction and renovations away from natural gas in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.* Electric heat is a cleaner source for power.  Consider that solar and wind power, generating electric heat, are more commonly used now than a decade ago.

Why is infrared radiant heat better than convection heat?

Radiant heat is healthy, comfortable heat.  No dust, no allergens, no pollen, no germs. no noise, no air blowing from ducts.  Just clean, quiet, even heat creating a well-suited environment for a hot yoga studio. 

Where is the most effective place to put heat in a hot yoga studio? 

On the ceiling.  Radiant heat warms objects in its path.  They reradiate to the objects around them, just like the sun heats the earth.  So, the floor and furnishings are warmed, and they reradiate heat, thereby warming the air, too.

By the way, heat does not rise.  Hot air rises, creating convection.  As the air moves, occupants may experience this movement. As the air rises, it leaves a colder pocket of air below. 

Placing radiant panel heaters evenly distributed on the ceiling is more efficient than on the wall or floor yielding a 98% radiant transfer.  Putting panels on the wall have a 60% radiant/40% convective split.

How many ENERJOY radiant panels will my studio need?

That depends on the studio’s specifications, the temperature of your yoga class, as well as other details. We custom tailor your studio to your requirements.  See our brochure for typical questions we ask.  Also, we ask for an architect or engineer’s design plan, when available.

What size panels will I need?

Again, that depends on your particular studio.  We can manufacture panels for narrow spaces, for T-bar grids, for flush mounting to the ceiling, or suspended from a ceiling with light chains.


How is the heat controlled?

We provide thermostats, programmable and digital, to meet your temperature requirements.

If I relocate my studio, can I take the panels with me?

Yes.  Check electrical requirements with your electrician. Then, call us.

Can I use ENERJOY radiant panels to heat my lobby, changing areas, bathrooms and office space?

Absolutely!  We heat homes, offices and commercial buildings on a regular basis. Of course, we would specify heaters that would be a comfortable temperature for a work environment.

*Jane Margolies, “A Race to Switch to ‘Electric Everything,’” New York Times, (Feb. 6, 2020):B6

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